Sunday, October 9, 2011


Today's roundup is of eerie eyeball crafts and recipes roundup. To obtain additional information, click on the hyperlink below the picture.

Happy Haunting:)

 Learn how to make eyeball cocktails with Instructable's user makendo
Photo:  makendo

Couture creepy -DIY Christian Louboutin inspired shoes by New Dress A Day by gluing on googly eyes to shoes.

Make edible eyeballs with a tutorial by The Idea Room using plastic Easter Eggs, vanilla pudding, Gummy LifeSaver and black jelly beans.

Make a realistic eyeball from the ball of an empty roll on deodorant - visit Haunters Hangout

Ogre Eyes Hot Cocoa Recipe from Taste of Home would be a great way to warm up after being out in the chilly Fall air and get into the Halloween spirit.

 Garnish a glass with ghoulish eyeballs made of decorated foam balls decorated and pipecleaners (BHG)

Make a knitted eyeball doornob cover  (key goes into the center to unlock) by Craftster user bella_domanie.

Create a creepy eyeball headband by gluing on googly eyes.

 A Pretty Life  has a tutorial on how to make this spooky eye wreath using purchased "eyes" from a craft store here.   Photo:  A Pretty Life   
Decorate purchased cream puffs (or donut holes) with chocolate chips and frosting to make ghoulish eyes - tutorial at  From Glitter to Gumdrops.   Photo:  From Glitter to Gumdrops

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