Saturday, October 8, 2011

Mummified Pets

Source: New York Daily News  spotted at Souxsie Law

New York resident Sorceress Cagliastro in is bringing back the lost art mummification for departed pets that weight up to 100 pound for between $800-$4,000.

The end results vary depending on the customer's request and can be a :
"simple linen wrap all the way up to painted with semi-precious metals, decorated with heirloom jewelry or, say, a scrolled up piece of parchment put inside."

She became interested in mummification after being in a bad car accident 15 years ago and her prior career path of forensic reconstruction for the chief medical examiner's office and an embalmer for funeral homes well prepared her to branch into the journey into mummification 5 years ago when she started experimenting with salts on a chicken.  She now does around 10 project a week and even teaches others the lost art.

For further information, read the complete article at NY Daily News.

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