Monday, October 10, 2011

Vampires & Bats Crafts & Recipe Roundup

Make a non-alcoholic Vampire Blood Punch using cranberry juice, Sprite, strawberries and grenadine syrup - recipe at Squidoo.   Photo:  Squidoo

Instead of Jack O'Lantern, make a Bat O'Lantern via Family Fun
Make Vampire bites using a mini-candy bar, white frosting and red tinted cookie dough shaped into lips via
M and M Bright Ideas
Photo:  M and M Bright Ideas

This Bat Hat is a no-sew creation made with a black hat and stiff craft felt with instructions by Family Fun
Photo:  Family Fun

 Pillsbury has this recipe to make Vampire-Away Garlic Bites using crescent dough, garlic stuff olives and sesame seeds.  Photo  Pillsbury
 Print off this bat print by Mr. Printable and tape around a regular candle for eerie effect.
Photo: Mr. Printable

What vampire wouldn't enjoy a refreshing lime chiller with blood drippings - recipe at TLC Cooking
Photo:  TLC Cooking

 Bake this Raining Blood Red Velvet Cake - recipe at Apocolypse Cakes   Photo:  Apocalypse Cakes 

Ameroonie Designs had a tutorial on making this Batty Felt Pillow      Photo:   Ameroonie Designs

Make batty fried yam sandwiches for a healthy alternative snack - instructions at\
Photo:  365

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