Sunday, October 4, 2009


Cheap and easy way to dress up a witch, wizard or sorcerer costume!

The cost to make this necklace was well under $1 per necklace and between the baking and drying time you could be doing other activities (but do not bake another item in the oven while the clay is baking to avoid possible fumes contaminating your food)..

Materials used:

- Fimo Clay - used less than 1/4 of the brick for 1 necklace
- Tulip Glitter Dimensional Paint or glitter glue
- Straw (to make a hole in the top of the egg)

Not pictured
- Wooden skewer stick (optional - to hold the egg while painting it)
- Jump ring
- 1/8th inch wide Ribbon
- A Bead
- Plastic bottle cap (to place wooden skewer across to balance while bead is drying)

Roll a bit of the clay to form the shape of an egg, then stick the straw through the side of it in order to make the hole.

Bake according to the directions on the clay used (for the clay I used it as 30 minutes at 230 degrees) then allow to cool (around 20 minutes)   Once cool then painted the egg with the glitter paint or glue is scraggly lines.  You can use a wooden skewer or the small plastic straw to hold the egg while you decorate a design onto it with the fabric paint or glitter glue and then put the wooden skewer across the top of the bottle cap to allow the paint to dry.

Once dry, I added a jump ring through the hole in the top of the egg, then Cut ribbon to the length that you would like (mine is around 24 inches) then thread the dragon egg onto until it is centered and tie it to the jump ring.

Then twist the ends together in order to thread the bead onto the necklace.

Pull the bead down to the top of the jump ring, tie knot at the ends and you are done!

Originally posted on my crafts and creations blog:

This is inspired by and based on the same concept as the Dragon Eggs I made previously and inspired by Melros's Dragon Egg necklace at   It is a paysite, but it is not overly expensive and you can pay for just a project sheet for an individual project if you don't want to pay for the annual subscription price.

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