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I personally have never seen a ghost, but know several people who claim that they have.
Before I start with the stories from real-life people that I know I feel it is important to emphasize before considering embarking on an real-life ghost hunting to memorize th 23Rd Psalm of the Bible and say prayers of protection. Even if you are an atheist, you have nothing to lose by saying them (and even if you don't believe in God, God believes in you).

Here is a link to a site that has prayers listed on it.

Story #1
While on a vacation in near Gettysburg as a child, as a young girl she befriend another young girl that wore Amish looking clothing and would play with her. It was not until they were getting ready to leave and started talking about her new friend that she was only one that had seen her - her family thought she was playing with an imaginary friend.

Story #2
One night when the then ill young girl during the Depression, she woke up to a bright light at the end of her bed and said she saw her Grandfather beside her bed in full color and surrounding him and behind him was a bright light. He was not transparent, but he didn't look solid either.

He didn't say anything, but offered her a candy cane which would have been a rare treat at the time. She didn't accept the candy cane and the room went dark again. When she told her parents about it the next day, they chalked it up to the high fever, which broke that night.

Story #3
Two adults, brother and sister were vacationing directly across the street Gettysburg and the brother came out of the bathroom in terror and swore he had seen a Confederate soldier in the bathroom just standing there. When they went back to check, no one was there. The only door and window to the room were at the front and the bathroom was in the back, so it could not have been an intruder. The brother insisted they check out of the hotel at once.

Story #4
Several young boys swore that they have seen "shadow" people at a particular house.
They described the visions as dark shapes with small glowing red eyes in the hallways when in a dark and semi-dark room. Usually it was just one but on one occassion there was one about 6 ft tall and another about 3 ft tall.

I explained to them that it was just the shadows and lights from cars driving past the house and watching too many Star Wars movies (the Jawas in Star Wars are cloaked creatures with dark faces and glowing eyes).

They said they continued to see the apparations up until puberty and have not seen anything since then.
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