Monday, October 5, 2009


Fort Wayne Children Zoo has the "Great Zoo Halloween" every year and dresses up the zoo decorated pumpkins with themes exhibits and children dress up in their costumes and get candy at 8-9 different exhibits.  Above is an exhibit dressed up as the Statue of Liberty that had a pumpkin for a head.

Monsters, Inc. had been a popular movie that year and this was probably our favorite exhibit that year.

This exhibit is fo "Bob The Builder"

Ok, not just the kids dress up.  I dressed up as a bat - the wings are made from a wire hanger and black plastic garbage bags.  I wanted candy too.


The pictures below are from the "Harvest Festival" that our church held where kids dressed up and participated in activities in different rooms.  In the picture below my nephew in the lion costume is trying to make the basket.   Everybody got something just for trying.

All the other kids were dressed in harvest and animal themes, my son had to be different and wear his ghoul costume that he had picked out to wear that year- it does look really creepy in a church setting when no one else was dressed that weay

Above is glow in the dark black light puppets that the youth group at the church operated.  They would take popular tunes and write Christ themed words to it and sing them while operating the puppets, sort of like a Muppets go God.  I recall one of the songs set to the Backstreet Boys tune "I Want It Thank Way" and made it "I Want It God's Way".   It was really cool and the little kids loved it.

This was at the end of the night and had once been a fish pond for candy that the kids dove into in order to get the few pieces of candy that were left.

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