Sunday, August 12, 2012

Cute & Clever to Creepy Cat Commerials

As I am an avid cat lover, any thing kitty will grab my attention and I thought I would share this compilation of cute and clever to downright creepy commercials featuring our furtastic feline friends

This commercial is for Hanes "kitten soft" Men's T-shirts

Who would have think this funny and clever commercial for EDS would feature cowboys rangling cats?

In this commercial they love him so much they cling to him because he feeds them Whiskas Temptations cat treats

This commercial for Sprint 4G Nexus touts it speed can give up more cats on the internet

This Toyota Corolla commercial is like what I would imagine a bad acid trip would be like, melding the heads of kittens on fighting thugs.

In this one for Skittles the cat is cute, but the guy is downright creepy

Do you know of any cute, clever or creepy cat commercials other than the above?  Please feel free to share them in the comments section:)

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