Sunday, August 5, 2012


Jono was a 25 year old salesperson from Denver, Colorado that was scouted online and unanimously selected by a panel of singers Opening Act to open for Jason Mraz.  He was literally plucked from Best Buy  to meet with vocal coaches, stylist and producers with one week prepare for to open at a concert in Hawaii.

As you can tell by the above, this young fella is very talented with a natural gift of a soulful voice that sounds commercial ready without any electronic altering.  He indicated he received his gift from his father, who had been in his life the first two years and was a professional musician himself but got hooked up on drugs and that is not a path he has chosen for himself.  His stepfather, who is a preacher came into his life when he was around 3 and has been a strong influence in life.

 He has a channel on Youtube  if you want to check out additional videos.   I hope he gets a record deal out of his exposure as I will buy his albums.

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