Saturday, June 19, 2010

SkipWaster Dumpster Art

Oliver Bishop-YoungPhoto by Immo Klink

A "Skip" is Brittish for "Dumpster and as part of the "Free Range Graduate Art and Design" Summer Showcase for 2008 where British design grad Oliver Bishop-Young  turned a garbage receptacle into an urban art project SkipWaste.

He describes the project at Freerange:

"As we put off the future to live in a perpetual present, free from the consequences of our actions, waste is wasted. A Skip is a location I identified early on as being such a place. However, it also has a lot of potential to change how we interact with waste. The salvage of material from skips is already an unofficial art. My series of interventions and additions aide the exchange of objects, reuse of materials, and challenge the conventions of the space they occupy."

 His vision turned reality in the form of dumpsters that are now a table for table tennis, a swimming pool, a garden. a stage, a skate ramp , a toilet and even a retro living room (More pics and info at TreehuggerOliver Bishop-Young  and Freerange.

In addition to their transformation, there is a chalkboard outside each which indicates what is the revamped dumpster and a mirror to have peek for the pruddish that are curious but don't want to be seen peering of the edge of a dumpster.


While the skateramp and table for table tennis are very doable and cool ideas, obviously the living room is not practical there is no roof as you would have to have a ladder or be a gymnast to get in and out of it.

I have seen the swimming pool idea before, but it was on those "Redneck" sites and I personally don't know if I could get past the Ewh-Yuk! factor of a used dumpster being turned into one, even though it has been pointed out to me that it would not be any more unsanitary than swimming in a local reservior or lake.

What are your thoughts on the subject?

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