Friday, June 18, 2010

From Dining Room to Swimming Pool

At the touch of a button, you could transform a dining room to a swimming pool with the touch of a button with Hydrofloors.  While this looks like somethine out of a Hollywood mansion, the company is based in Belgium and their mission is "To become the preferred supplier of the defined systems to the pool industry in Europe through the provision of products of superior design and supporting services whilst, as a minimum, complying with industry standards requirements."

There is no reference to the cost, but then again, if you can afford a ginormous indoor pool for your home, the cost to have it do double duty by becoming a dining room or dance floor is probably not a big issue.

The cool technical aspect this is a 95, but practical applications for most people are probably less than 5%.  What do you think?

More information:  Hydrofloors

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