Saturday, May 15, 2010

Bay City Roller - "It A Game" - 70's Pop

Holy cow, I remember way....back when I thought the lead singer, Les McKeown, was hot. I even hand sewed a piece of tartan fabric on each outer layer of my jeans, probably my first DIY makeover. Now I look back and think..what was I thinking!

The high point is that my teen obsession led me to seek out their earlier works and at the age of 16 in the late 70's, I made my first international financial transaction to purchase an earlier album I read about in the magazine.  I wrote the company that produced the album in England to see about buying it, they advised me that they would and what to send via USD via a  money order and I anxiously awaited its arrival praying it would survive the overseas trip (we are talking old school vinyl L.P.) which thankfully, it did.

The story goes they were name the "Bay City Rollers" after achieving a modicum of fame in Scotland/England and the manager threw a dart at a map of the US and it landed on Bay City, Michigan, thus they were named.   How pathetic is that?

There one big hit was almost like an early version of rap/cheerleading....S A T U R D A Y Night. Here is a video, although it doesn't show the fans literally pulling them off the stage like I used to see on live T.V. and security grabbing them and a tug of war ensued -  it had to be scary to them to have that happen.  I know it was a defining moment in my life as I knew for a fact I never wanted to be "famous".

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