Saturday, May 15, 2010


One of the blogs that I follow, Baking Bites, blogged about a contest the Dunkin Donuts had sponsored to "Create Dunkins Next Donut" Contest - there were 12 entrants that came up with such creative creations such as "Snack-O-Lantern" and "Cop Cake".  

The voting over at Dunkin Donuts site is now closed, but the front runners are "Monkey See - Monkey Donut "S'morgasboard" with marshmallow filling topped with chocolate and Graham cracker crunchies and "Monkey See - Monkey Donut" which is filled with Banana Creme with chocolate frosting and Reece's Peanut Butter shavings and the winner will be announced June 4th.

Also over at  Dunkin Donuts they have where you can create your own virtual donut here.  You pick the shape, dough, filling, frostings and topping and you can download your finished picture if you would like or save it online and it will appear on your virtual shelf in a gallery along with creations from other users.  This would be a fun way to keep a kid (or easily amused adult) occupied for 20 minutes or more if you wanted to come up with a full dozen.

For my virtual donut I used Pistachio filling with vanilla frosting and green sprinkles, but if I were to create an actual new donut it would be filled with a mint-lime-imitation rum filling, frosted with green icing and some chocolate icing squiggled on the top and call it "Mojito Madness".   I haven't attempted making donuts for real since I was a kid, but I might have to find a recipe for making donuts and give it a go.  In the meantime, the run we just made to our local Dunkin Donuts that was made after I read the article and making my own virtual donut will have to suffice.

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