Sunday, May 16, 2010


 Photo via  Oddee

As I am a lover of all things PacMan, when I saw this over at Oddee as part of a post of "13 Unusual Rugs" I knew I had to post it here. 

The link back is to Daddytypes which reports it was one of two 7 x10 ft rugs that were hand-woven in Portugal by a  Swedish design firm, "Our Childrens Gorilla".  It is quoted in the article Pac-Man carpet from Our Childrens Gorilla, 15,000 SEK, roughly USD1830, shipped,  however, when I visited the site I did not find any rugs.   $1,830 is way out of my price range anyway and I don't really have any place to put it either, but this would have been a fun rug to have when my son was little - I can just picture him racing his Hot Wheels around the maze - it would be a fun rug for a kids room.

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