Sunday, April 25, 2010


Although I liked the look of false eyelashes, I never liked how heavy they felt on my eyelids so I opted not wear them, however the above are paper eyelashes are by Paperself are based on traditional Chinese art of paper-cutting seem like they would be much lighter and would add an element of fun to an outfit and these are going on my wish list to try out some day.

The above were designed by Wu Ting Yang and based on peach blossoms, but the also have other styles on sale and I think the ones on the far right that sort of look like zebras are adorable.

They are currently for sale at Luna And Curious  and the large lashes  run £12 (one pair), which is about $20 USD, depending upon the exchange rate.

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drollgirl said...

these are so fanciful and fun! i love the look of them!!!!