Monday, April 26, 2010

Spring Bento

005_JO_springbento, originally uploaded by Tbky.\
This is not only a work of art, it a lunch that was created by Flickr user Tbky.   I have only heard of Bentos within the past year but love the concept; my son would have loved taking his lunch to school and eating veggies if they had been as cool as the above creation.

It was in French, so I , ran the description through Google Translator to get the description listed below the photo:

"In the bento, so we had sushi rice colored green arrow in the bottom and a path in sesame seeds, carrot fences and cow quail egg, broccoli flowers and tomatoes and carrots. The pond is actually a pie with asparagus and spring onions and egg omelet colored blue on top. Basically there are 4 blank cubes with peppers and ham, a tomato tart and corn. Small flowers in tomatoes and carrots to represent the spring and then the little flowers that grow (we can not wait!)

For dessert (I'm greedy ..) in another mini bento a cupcake with vanilla sponge cake with raspberry and yellow (with having a good look if the raspberries were many fruits of spring! They are the months of June, but spring when same! And as I had frozen the last year and I never know where to put them there I jumped at the chance! I've also added a few in a cup."

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