Sunday, January 31, 2016

Recycle/Shredding of a Fridge

Ever wonder what happens to a fridge when it goes to the recycling center?  Wonder no more, because above is a video of one being torn to shreds and being separated by different components to be reused.

When my son was in grade school he and his friends were fascinated with the watching the big equipment in the recycling yard and the machines in action,from a distance outside the gate, when we would drop off cans for recycling and to get a little cash to have breakfast or do something fun for the day.

As non-employees were not permitted behind the gate and the boys were more curious about seeing the process more up close, I Googled and found  SSI Shredding Systems"Shreds of the Week" of different objects so they could see the process literally inside the machines.

They also have channel on Youtube where the above video is from and they show shredding of all sorts of objects, from cars to carpets and many things in between if you want to see more:)

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