Saturday, November 7, 2015


I am thankful for the Fall like weather we are still enjoying as it is a sunny 53 degrees right now, but with Thanksgiving around I had been looking around for inspiration for my table and thought I share 10 Turkey themed party trays.

Photo:  Source - Photography: Janae Hardy

This clever critter was made using sliced pre-sliced cheese with an olive cut in half for the eyes and a bit of red bell pepper for the neck piece.  Further details at A Beautiful Mess.

Photo:  Source

This tray by Also, That's It used two types of cheese, Salami, Pretzel Crackers, peppercorns for the eyes and a pistachio for the nose was inspired by the above cheese tray.

Photo:  Source

This colorful fruit tray by Not My Own with orange pieces, strawberries and an apple with a bit of decorated construction paper and a toothpick would make for healthy dessert.

Photo: Taste of Home

This veggie creation goes 3D with cabbage as the base.  For the instructions visit Taste of Home

Photo:   Jill Dubien

This one is simple enough for a child to assemble using a pear, a carrot, green grapes and blueberries.  For further instructions visit Canadian Family

Photo: LivingLocurto

This veggie turkey is also a kid-friendly assembly

This cute little dude is a cheeseball, pretzels with a candy corn note surrounded by crackers.  Instructions at

Photo:  Claire Cook

This fun display uses the dip as the body.

This festive display would brighten up any table.

Photo:  First For Women

This tray is so grandiose it is like a turkey veggie tree on steriods.  For directions visit  First For Women.

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