Friday, October 16, 2015

6 Offbeat '80's Alien Movies to Watch for Halloween

Although some of these movies might not be great (or even good) they are off the beaten track

As these are over twenty-five years old, they may or may not be available at your local video rental store, online subscription service or rental through Amazon or other online services.

 I actually love this movie.  As part of hazing prank to get into a fraternity, two geeky friends accidently unleash a slug-like alien creature from a lab that crashed to Earth 20 years earlier.  Currently free to watch on Crackle - Rated R

 An umployed construction worker, portrayed by Wrestler"Rowdy" Roddy Pieper, finds a pair of sunglasses and upon donning find that aliens are amoung us.
Available to rent on VUDU for $2.99 - Rated R


There was a remake of this movie a few years back, but I think the original is better.  12 scientists in Antartica find something that was buried in the snow and ice and it found a new place to live, by replicating the human it has taken over.

Available to rent on Amazon for $2.99 and is rated R.


The Putterman's new satellite TV system tunes into a passageway and transports an alien "pet". It is more over-the-top campy than scary.     It is available for Amazon Prime subscribers and is rated R.

Killer aliens that look like clowns invade a small town.  Groan-worthy humor for this PG-13 movie.
Currently available for Hulu and r Amazon Prime subscribers


A group of stout, furry muli-teethed aliens called "Krites escape from a prision and land on earth and begin devouring everything in their path in a small town.   
Available to rent for $2.99 on VUDU, but might want to check your local video store or search elsewhere online.  Rated PG-13

To you have any '80's offbeat alien movie or other movie to share?  Please post in the comments.

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