Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Larry The Cable Guy Spices

Self-proclaimed redneck Larry the Cable Guy has out a line of basic spices, such as Oregano and Parsley, and some interesting named ones like "Beer Can Roasted Chicken", "Wild Game"  and "Roadkill" Spice.  

 I actually thought is was a joke when I first saw this at the store and another celebrity cashing in on their popularity and attaching their name to a product, but then had second thought, he does look like a guy who enjoys food and as it was only .99 cents, I picked up some steak seasoning to try.

In checking into it, I found the profits help support the Git -R-Done Foundation and their mission statement is to:  “Provide assistance to charitable organizations that have experienced hardships beyond their control, with an emphasis on children and veterans. “

The size of the donations made by the foundation are formidable -  $5 Million dollar donation to The International Hip Dysplasia Institute and $1.2 Million donation to The Madonna Rehabilitation Hospital.

The spices are sold at Big Lots, Dollar Tree, 99 Cent Only Stores and some Save-A-Lot stores.

I tried the Steak Seasoning and it contains:  Sea salt, minced garlic, minced onion, black pepper, cracked coriander, fennel seed, crushed chilies and mustard seed.   It did give give the steak an interesting flavor and I think it would be delicious to use to make fajitas.

As profits go to charity and the cost is less than many other spices on the market, I will probably try some more of his spices, but if he puts out a perfume I won't be jumping on that bandwagon...to embody him it would have to smell like dirt, sweat and fish with a dash of gastrointestinal problems.

What are your thoughts on this?


Jane Droll said...

well the price is right and the taste is good and it is for a good cause, so pretty much a win/win!

i get irritated at all of the celebrity endorsements. MOST aren't linked to a good cause, so this one is more appealing than many.

Button said...

I have tried many of Larry the Cable guy products and all have been delicious. The spices are exceptionally good.