Saturday, October 27, 2012

Use Brown Dye to Dull Up Zombie Clothing

Last month I had tried updating a summer 100% cotton coral skirt and had disappointing results with Dylon Permanent Fabric Dye using Intense purple, ending up with a brighter coral instead of any shade of purple.  


Fortunately, Hobby Lobby had a 40% off one item and snagged the large bottle or Rit for $2.27 (+tax) and this time I chose Dark Brown using the washing machine method and I was not disappointed with the results (right).

Because with the large bottle you can use it on 2 lbs of dry fabric instead of 1lb as Dylon was, I also dyed another skirt that I dubbed the "Hippie Christmas Skirt".  As you can see by the picture on the left, it had obnoxiously bright red and green colors.   The only half compliment I ever received on it was a cashier at the store saying what "bright" skirt it was.   The brown dulled it and gave it a muddied up look, which will be great for a Zombie costume for Halloween.

Now I have to decide which one I want to zombify further. 

For other ideas on Zombifying your clothing:

Threadbanger has tutorial on Instructables using paint, scissors has several recipes for DIYing your own stage blood that you could  smear, spatter or use a spray bottle to mist onto your outfit. 

Ketchup also works well.

If you want a more realistic look and can stand being actually dirty, not just looking dirty, rolling in the mud or driving in the mud and running over the clothing several times works well too.

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Disclaimer:  I have received nothing for this post and have no affiliations with any dye companies...I am just sharing my experiences.

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