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My Top 6 Vampire Movies

Whether scary, funny or sexy, vampires are always intriguing.  I am sure everyone's list varies; feel free to post your own favorites in the comments section or if you have a listing already perhaps post a link to it.  I know many people will wonder why any of the "Twilight" movies are not on the list.  Before ever seeing those movies a former co-worker pointed out that a 100+ year old man grooving on a 16 year year old girl, no matter how young he looks, is creepy.  I have to agree, so I guess that puts me on "Team Jacob" by default.

6.  Lost Boys - 1987
This is my son's favorite on the list, even though the movie is older than he is because teens of any generation can identify with it.  It is sort of a teen horror/comedy/love story.

A divorced mother and her two teen son move back in with her father after a divorce to Santa Carla.  The boys are mortified as there is no tv, nothing to do and Grandpa is into sticking taxidermy animals all around the house.  Mom ends up getting a job at the local video store and the owner takes a romantic interest in her.

At an outing in town the oldest boy, Michael, becomes entranced by a beautiful young girl and goes with her to meet up with her "gang", lead by David (Kiefer Sutherland)  in an abandoned hotel and is turned into a vampire.

The younger brother Sam meets with two fellow comic book enthusiasts, the Frog brothers, and the formulate a plan on how to deal with his brother who is becoming a vampire.

5.  Fright Night - 1985
It is another quirky 80's teen horror/comedy/love story. which starts out with Charlie and his girlfriend making out in his room when he spots his neighbor moving in a coffin and sees him kill a hooker.   He enlists his best friend and girlfriend to approach the aging host of horror movies at the local tv studio to help him combat the creature.

While there is a 2011 remake starring Colin Farrell as the vampire, it lacks the same fun vibe as the original, which for younger people who might not have seen it is sort of like funnier "Disturbia" with vampires.
While Farrell makes for a sexy vampire, he doesn't have the same old world underlying wisdom and swarthyness that comes across with Chris Sarandon's portrayal of the vampire.

4.  Blade - 1998 - Rated R
Wesley Snipes portrays Blade, a daywalker that is half vampire and half human as he was born while he mother was going through the conversion to a vampire during his birth.  He has all of their strengths and none of their weaknesses, except the thirst for blood.  His mentor/sidekick as the gristly old man that helps him fight vampires and they team up with a female Dr. that has been bitten while she fights to find a cure and at the same time.  A young charismatic vampire (played by Stephen Dorff) has a plan to call on the ancients to turn himself into a daywalker and rule the world.

3.   Blade 2 - 2002  (Rated R)
This is the 2nd in a trilogy where Blade and Whistler and a new sidekick Scud team up with a team of  vampires to fight a mutation of their kind called Nomak, who attacks other vampires and turns in them into insatiable creatures that feast on anything and are harder to kill than vampires.

The storyline is unique and they it has several well developed interesting characters and it is interesting the watch the interaction between the "frienmies" and how the plot twists and turns.

2.   Interview with the Vampire: The Vampire Chronicles - 1994
      (Rated R)

This is the movie version  of the Ann Rice book that stars Tom Cruise as the vampire LeStat along with two of his converts played by Brad Pitt and Kirsten Dunst.   The majority of the setting is the late 1790s in New Orleans and the relationship between Cruise and Pitt's characters.

I am not a Tom Cruise fan and was disappointed when I heard he was cast in the role, but was pleasantly surprised that he pulled the role of so well.

1.   From Dusk Til Dawn - 1996 (Rated R)

The Robert Rodriguez/Quentin Tarantino collaboration stars George Clooney and Tarantino as the bank robbing Gecko brothers that take a preacher that lost his faith when his waife was killed in a car accident (Harvey Keitel) and his two teenage children hostage and take them across the border to meet up with their contacts in Mexico at a bar called the "Titty Twister" where their plans go awry.

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