Sunday, October 21, 2012

Not (Quite) Homemade Halloween Cookies and Treats

One of our Halloween traditions is to bake Halloween Cookies - usually a mix or pre-made along with some purchased treats.

This year as Oreo has joined in on the Halloween fun and we bought at pack at or local grocery store for around $3.50.   You get the same Oreo flavor with Halloween colors and 5 different Halloween imprints.

In prior years (and still plan on doing this year) we bought what used to be the "slice and bake" but now is just the take out of the the wrapper and bake cookies from Pillsbury.  As I have said before, the results of the cookies are much more uniform and visually appealing than the slice and bake ones were because there was a tendency to distort the image when slicing, but they are not as much fun.   I used to let my son have a butter knife and he could slowly and carefully try to cut them and it took awhile, but he was always so proud of the results when they turned out looking great to give to people (and he also like to eat the mistakes).

This year Pillsbury has two new Halloween cookie items:
 Princess Halloween sugar cookies featuring with the picture being the princesses shoe.  Having a shoe on on a cookie is creepy enough, but the scarier still is the notion of planting into a little girls head that there is Price Charming that will take care of them.  We need a new ideal, the Mom that hold down a full time job and takes care of her family.

 They also have cute Jackolantern Mickey Mouse sugar cookies.

Photos:  Pillsbury

Pillsbury has a coupon on their website to save $1.10 of two packages of cookies Link.  Many stores have them on sale around this time of year 2 packages for $5, so using the coupon

Nestle also has a few holiday cookie treats out.  Yesterday I picked up the Halloween Creatures Sugar Cookies and Brownie Bites topped with orange morsel 2 for $4 at Meijers.  They also had a sugar cookie with orange bits in it also.  I baked the brownie bites there are 40 small little squares that bake into cookies that are about 2 inches wide - would be great for a carry in or a classroom.

Duncan Hines has some boxed, bagged and canned items:  Halloween whoppie pies, cakes, sugar cookies and pumpkin bars along with decorating frosting if you are in a more creative mood.  Prices vary by store, but usually range from around $1.25-$4.99 depending on the item.

If you don't have time to bake and want something different than Oreos, Little Debbie has Pumpkin treats, some orange Rice Krispie type treats, bat shaped chocolate treats and little Halloween themed party cakes.  Prices usually run $1.87-$3.00.

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