Monday, October 22, 2012

New Unseen FX Test Screen Footage from "The Exorcist"

I remember seeing "The Exorcist" on the big screen during a re-release when I was in the 7th grade with family friend that was a few years older than myself even though the movie was rated "R".  It was in small town movie theater in the age before they were stringent about checking IDs.  I found it disturbing and fascinating all at the same time.  My friend was 19 living on her own with two kids under the age 3 with two baby Daddy that didn't pay child support and made minimum wage as a cook to support herself and her kids - nothing scared her at this point.

It also lead me to prayer as I sure as heck didn't want to be invaded by a dark entity that would turn me into he horrible creature in the movie, but I still had a morbid fascination on how they made it look so real at the time.

I would use my lunch money to to buy "Fangoria" and other magazines to learn about how the special effects were done.  This was back before computers were common place and there was no such thing as "CGI", it was all done "old school".  The white and creepy glowing eyes were contact lenses back when contact were made out of glass, not plastic and they were painful to wear.   I recall the "Help" written on Regan's stomach was foam rubber with the letters scratched on and then sprayed with Windex as it made the letters rise up to look like welts.  The bulging neck was also made out of foam rubber with a cut up condom underneath with a plastic tube with latex over it to seal it (very similar to the frog by Connor on the first season of "Face Off", the Syfy special makeup effects competition).  The green vomit was split pea soup through tubes on he side of the cheek (to this day I can't stand the sight of split pea soup without almost retching myself)..  The 360 degree head rotation was made from a life-cast of Linda Blair, with the head being separate of course.

Just in time for this Halloween, Horror movie website Blood Disgusting  has dug up from an unnamed source test footage of special effects testing with levitating and the bed shaking..

Part 1 Link
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