Friday, March 30, 2012

DIY Magic Mirror (and link to a giveaway)

Sometimes something simple can be stunning, such as this DIY'ed "Magic Mirror" that was inspired by the movie "Mirror Mirror" (modern twist on "Snow White").

It is just a mirror that with the frame painted pink and dollar store plastic jewels glued to it to crown surrounded by glitter glue that transforms any gal that gazes into it into a "princess".

For the tutorial visit:  Come Together Kids

Additionally,  Come Together Kids is hosting a give away for one lucky winner to receive the following (giveaway closes April 4,  2012, click here for details.)

  •  $25 Fandango gift card
  •  Tshirt
  •  Apple Snow Globe
  •  Lip Balm
  •  Mirror Compact 
  •  Tote Bag 

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