Monday, December 5, 2011


Kikkoman sponsored last nights The Next Iron Chef Super Chefs sponsored the Secret Ingredient Showdown elimination round where Chefs Anne Burrell and Geoffrey Zakarian had to create dishes using these ingredients with Burrell's involtino and ice cream losing to Zakarian souffle by a hair, but we can all be winners with the $3 Off Coupon for Kikkoman Panko Bread Crums or Ponzu Sauce (expires 1/3/12)

Where I live, both items sell for under $3 at Walmart so you can try for free, or if you have a kitchen wizard on your gift list, perhaps add this to a basket of other ingredients and utensils (the Dollar Tree is a great source if you are on a budget) to make a "Chef Basket".

Panko Style Bread Crumbs are Japanese style bread crumbs made with special crustless bread and are crisper and lighter than traditional bread crumbs, but basically can be used any dish that you would use bread crumbs to give it a different twist.  Click here for Panko  recipes at Kikkoman's site.

Ponzu is a citrus style of soy sauce and they have it in regular and lime.  I have never tried Ponzu, but this coupon will give me the opportunity to try it for free. Click here for Ponzu recipes at Kikkoman's site.

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