Thursday, December 1, 2011


This might also be a list for "Gifts For Grandpa" if he was (or still is) an avid Star Trek Fan

Star Trek Pizza Cutter at Think Geek for $29.99 would be perfect for the pizza lover on your list.

Star Trek Talking Communicator Keychain at Star Trek Gift Shop for $8.92 would not only keep track of keys, but be a source of entertainment and a conversation piece.
Just because they are toddlers doesn't mean you can't start Trekkiefying them with this 
Star Trek Feeding Set at Think Geek for $24.99

Star Trek Bottle Opener  at Think Geek for $19.99 for the bottled beer lover that is also Star Trek fanatic
 Star Trek Uno at for $6.97 featuring pictures of the cast for the Uno Trekkie.

If the Trekkie on your Christmas list is also a Pez collector, you can double their delight with these Star Trek Limited Edition Numbered Pez Dispensers at Star Trek Gift Shop for $29.94.

For the Trekkie into Christmas collectables there is this Star Trek Snowglobe  at for $19.99

If the Trekkie is into bling, this 3D Star Trek Enterprise Necklace at for $16.96 would be a good gift.

If you are crafty and/or technically inclined, you can make the following for little to no cost
Instructables has a tutorial by masynmachien to make a Star Trek Comminicator made out of an old mouse

 I made this version of the Enterprise based on a tutorial here and posted more about it on my craft blog and it is made out of an old floppy disc.

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drollgirl said...

star trek and star wars. we will never be rid of them! but maybe that is good, as we will always know what to buy for their biggest fans!