Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Today's roundup is skeleton inspired. If you have any links to share, please feel free to post them in the comments section below.

Happy Haunting!

 If you have pink flamingos on your lawn you could "bones" on them with glow in the dark paint to make a 
Skeletal Flamingo via Budget101
Photo:  Skeletal Flamingo via Budget101

 Skeleton made out of 7 milk jugs - how-to over at The Party Animal

Instructables user Radioactive_Legos  has a tutorial on how to make paper mache skeletons out of old newpapers herePhoto:  Radioactive_Legos
Turn a tube of purchased cookie dough into Skeleton Cookies from TLC Cooking skeleton cookies with black food coloring and white frosting.  Photo:  TLC Cooking  

Use a non-toxic washable marker to draw "bones" on your hand or body ( via Anna<3 at Cut Out + Keep)
This Pottery Barn inspired decoration by Polish The Stars is actually made out of a few dollar store items
Photo:  Polish The Stars

This adorable idea for those expecting at Make It And Love It is made using a freezer paper stencil and white paint on a black long sleeved shirt   Photo:  Make It And Love It

Make a girly glam skull wreath with flowers, painted skulls and glitter by Paint Me Plaid
Photo:  Paint Me Plaid
Use a tube of breadstick dough to make Salty Bones via Family Fun   Photo:  Family Fun

Craft Madonna's skull purse from "Desperately Seeking Susa"' with a tutorial by Kepi at Cut Out + Keep

skeleton veggies has several ideas for putting together skeleton vegetable trays

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