Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Morph Thing - Morph two or more photos into one

Ever wonder what two different people morphed together or what their baby would look like?  You can for free online with Morph Thing.

You can combine two different celebrities - here I tried Colin Farrell and Ryan Reynolds hoping to create an uber hot guy...disappointed as it sort of ended up looking a little like a young Wayne Newton.

If you are wondering what you and you love interest children would look like, all you have to do is upload and prepare both of your pictures (prompted points where you click on different places on the face to set the parameters).

As I don't have a current love interest and Arnold Schwarzenegger  is now going to be free and it appears he has low standards and I would have a better shot at him that either of the above (just kidding - not like I want a womanizer in my life!) above is picture of what our love child would look like.  That baby is way too serious and would want protein shakes instead of formula and can't wait to grow up and raise my taxes.

The danger here is can be be a monumental time eater as you keep telling yourself you want to try one more combination and the next thing you know the laundry didn't get done and its time to go to bed - try at your own risks!Morph Thing

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