Saturday, May 28, 2011


This would be a fun prank to take to a picnic and tell everyone that you brought "backyard bugs" for dessert.

They are made by pouring cake batter into a cast iron mold by Nordic Ware and are available at Target,
Amazon, and the Nordic Ware website for between $22.50 - $32.00; a steeper price than aluminum shaped pans for a novelty item, but they are quality and do last as they are made out of cast iron and bake more evenly than aluminum pans.  Nordic Ware is a family owned household and industrial kitchenware manufacturer out of Minnesota and they have been in business since 1946. 

Photos above : Target

If you aren't into decorating cakes, you could even just use a red velvet cake batter like Amazon user HB 
and give them a "bloody" bug look that you could use around Halloween.

Photo: Amazon user HB 

Disclaimer:  I have no affiliation with this company and received any type of consideration for this post - just think it is cool and is on my wish list:)