Saturday, October 30, 2010


If you have any of the following in your city, they are offering free Halloween activities for Halloween that you might want to check out:

Kids under 12 in costume can have 1 free kids meal with each adult entree purchase at Chili's on 10/31/10.

To find out if the is a Chili's in your area click here.

Chipotle is offering a $2 burrito and you can help raise money for Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution if you dress like a horrifying processed food product after 6 PM on 10/31/10.  Unless you are already dressing in that type of costume, an easy way to do this would be to cut the packaging front and back off of a processed food item and tape them to the front and back of your t-shirt (that is my plan - also gives me an excuse to buy Nutty Bars or Twinkies and a pre-snck).  To find out if there is a location near you click here.

TGI Friday's is offering free Fried Mozzeralla, Potstickers or Crispy Green Beans if you wear a costume today, 10/30 and has a contest at 9pm for a chance at a $100 Gift Card.

Tomorrow kids under 12 in costume eat free with each adult entree purchased.

Coupons for Free Bowling at Brunswick Lane - these are meant to be printed of and given to instead of candy.  Unless the tot is crazy about bowling, don't be surprised if you get a trick if you pass these out; however, they are good from 10/31-11/23/10.

There is not one of these where I live - to find out if there is one near you click here

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