Saturday, August 7, 2010


While baseball games are an everyday event to many Americans, it was a rare treat for my son and I and the first time we had been to the new baseball stadium.  My son said he learned in school that the stadium's design is based on a conglomeration of the most popular baseball fields in the country.

They offer cheap seats, which is lawn seating where you bring your own blanket and sit on the ground to reserved seating, which is where we sat for $8 a seat on up to where you can reserve a table or two which is right behind the last row of seating or even a convention area  for a group.

Here is a picture of the giant screen

Here is a picture of the opposite view from where we were sitting.
 This was to our right.  While the stands look fairly empty, there were over 3,300 in attendance.
This was the view to our left.   In this picture you see the three tallest buildings in Fort Wayne.  From left to right they are the National City Bank Building, Lincoln Tower and Summit Bank Building.   I used to work on the 24th floor of the National City Bank Building and my old bosses offices are two floors down on the left hand side.   Going up and down 24 flights of steps during firedrills was a physical endurance test, that is for sure.

Here is a guy hawking beers.  Those are not small ones either - that bucket had to weigh a ton, but he was probably the best vendor on the field as he would go around and sort of sing-song in an almost Brooklyn accent "Get your beer, ice cold beer right here" with pride.  The rest were high school or college kids that hovered between trying hard not to drop the boxes of small bagged popcorn they were carrying to the downright annoyed and unhappy to be there.

There are also numerous concessions stands.  On this night they had a special on small soft drinks, hot dogs, small popcorn or a slice of pizza for only $1.
Beside baseball, they have a lot of other activities to keep your interested - this particular item was human bowling.
They also had a "Kiss Cam" where they would highlight a couple that would then kiss, except this grouchy old codger on the left never did kiss his wife, just made grimacing faces. 

They also had a kiddie where for an additional expense, you could entertain younger children if they were bored.
The name of our local team is the "Tincaps" and here is one of the souvenirs they offer in the gift shop.  It is no shocker that the team has also been nicknamed, much to many a local's chagrin, as the "Potheads".
Awh, isn't it cute?   Even the trashcans have little baseball helmets (although it would be funnier if they were little "tin caps". 
This was towards then end of the game.

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