Saturday, August 14, 2010


I think it is awesome that Drew Barrymore donned a $25 metallic thrift store dress to a recent red carpet event for NYLON/Express event.  I hope that it will encourage people who would not otherwise go to a thrift or resale shop to check out what it there and take away the stigma that is sometimes associated with shopping there. 

To those people who go "Ewh!  Someone else wore it before!" - guess what - not only if you wash or dryclean it may be good as new, but many times the stuff you buy at a mall or retail store has been tried on many times and may even have been worn and returned.  Although many State laws indicate that it is to be laundered/cleaned before it can be returned; however, aside from an obvious stain or odor, it is impossible to tell.  

Thrift stores don only have just "used", sometimes stores will donate items at the end of the season that didn't sell - for example, our local Target donates them to the local Goodwill.  Also, people sometimes donate unwanted gifts with the price tags still on them.  Just the other day a co-worker bought a designer purse with a price tag of over $100 for $2 - it just depends on who donates and what they donate.

I would also encourage you to donate your unwanted items to the Goodwill or Salvation Army.  Your "trash" may be someone else's "treasure".  Not only is a a greener alternative to buying new, it helps raise money for needed programs and employs people with limited skills or work experience. 

Another reason to donate is if you itemize your taxes, your gift is tax deductible for the estimated price it would bring at the thrift store (although you should inventory and itemize the items yourself and they will provide you a receipt if you request one).  

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