Monday, July 5, 2010

The Dirty Dozen: Violinists Do The Mario Brothers Theme

The the shock and horror of every parent that has invested hard earned dollars into music lessons on the violin hoping that someday the fruit of their loins will be a virtuoso on the violin, here is what they are doing when you are not around...playing the Mario Brothers theme song.

This goes does in dressed in a tux and real-time with the game playing on the wall.

This one dressed more like a rodeo cowboy for he occasion with a funky fairy cutout in the corner to cheer him on.

This fella is taking it very seriously...

This guy plays it super fast

This guy has the need for speed also

This one has a giant cutout of Miley Cyrus as his backup groupie

The fella even gets his guitar playing buddy in on the act

and on this one twin violins!

And this one dresses like a Mario brother while with a giant paper mache head and pretends to play the violin and dances.

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