Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Sustainable Luxury Concept Shoe

Icica from Helen Furber on Vimeo.

While this looks like something out of a Sci-Fi movie or that Lady GaGa might wear, it is a concept shoe by Helen Furber, a 2010 Cordwainers Footwear design graduate to create a shoe that is eco-friendly and recyclable.  Each piece interlocks and can be taken apart and easily recycled.

According to her profile,  her vision is:  
"a sustainable and technology-focused design approach, without aesthetic compromise. Interested in innovation for footwear, I adopt a forward thinking and learning based approach which inspires my design."
While the design is innovative and futuristic and make a good show or conversation piece, they look like they would be painful to wear for everyday (but then again, most high fashioned shoes are).  I would love to see this concept evolve into lower heeled shoes.  What do you think?

For more about the designer, visit her online portfolio  or her blog at The Shoe Kitchen.

Spotted via Outsapop

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