Wednesday, July 14, 2010

$10 Wall Art - Sharpie Artwork

This amazing artwork was done by Charlie Kratzer, who is a lawyer, on the walls of his basement in his Lexington, Kentucky home.  For a 360 view of the basement see the original article at

The drawings range from classic impressionist art to drawings of fictional detectives, a fake fireplace, a library, one drawing of  artists' father and even TV cartoon characters Rocky and Bullwinkle.   The article indicated it started when he started drawing the Salon by Picasso and it progressed from there. 

While this is not  something you can do if you are renter, lest you risk losing a portion of you damage deposit  as it takes lots of scrubbing and eventually painting over before you move out (lesson learned the hard way by my little budding artist when he was about 7), but if you are a homeowner with a little artistic talent and a light colored walls, this could be a cool option for decorating your wall to reflect your personal style and flair and do it very inexpensively.

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drollgirl said...

um, this is PRETTY FRAKKING FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!