Saturday, July 10, 2010

Glossy Bands DIY Bracelets

What budding fashionista wouldn't want to make and design her own bracelet, and with Glossy Bands Kit by Klutz she easily can as the little gals in the video demonstrate.  Wouldn't this be a fun craft activity at a tween girl's birthday or slumber party?   

Kits are for sale at Glossy Bands Kit by Klutz  for 19.95, but if you sign up for their "Insider" program you can get a code to get 25% off your first purchase.

The upside is that the kit contains enough to make 14 bracelets; the down side is there are only 4 pastel colors.  I would, erh, I am sure there are a lot of girls that would prefer red, black, gold, and white or come up with a Halloween addition with orange, black, red and white and make a fangs and blood sort of look.

Disclaimer:  I have no affiliation with Klutz, nor have I been given or purchased their products - this just sounds cool to me.

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