Sunday, July 25, 2010

Animated Newscasting - Is It The Future of News?

I have to admire the approach of Asian animators at NMAWorldEdition,which gives the daily animated news reports on their website ( there would be no travel expenses for footage, wardrobe or on air camera malfuctions or worries about signed releases from interviewees - just animators and voice over newcasters. 

Here is an interesting animation/parody of Sarah Palin in their speculation of her running against Obama in 2012 - it is not in English but the subtitles are.

Although entertaining and amusing (I have to admit I cracked up with I saw the animated Sarah Palin using a "Speak and Spell" toy to come up with "refudiate") I wonder if this is the wave of the future of newscasting for Gen Z that has been raised in a video game driven world, or the dummying down of a nation much like in the Mike Judge 2006 movie "Idiocracy"

What do you think?

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