Saturday, May 22, 2010

When Good Swans Go Bad...

Photo from Big Fat Deal
Beth Ditto, singer and plus-sized model, looks like she is a victm be in Alfred Hitchcock's classic horror flick "The Birds" as the swan at the neckline looks like it is choking the life out of her in this dress.   The baby poop brown color below the beak isn't helping either, makes it look like it is vomiting her back up.

Not only does the neckline look ridiculous, it also makes her look even wider than she actually, as does the widest part of the dress falling at her hips.

This dress might actually look good if the swan was ditched and not so wide cut and a little longer so it was more flowing.  

If she was going to go for extreme fashion and wanting the publicity/press and not caring about "looking good", the this look that the Wayan's brothers sported in "White Chicks" would have been a better choice.  It is campy, fun and not meant to be taken seriously. 

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