Friday, May 21, 2010

Another Disturbing Photoshop Trend - Making Sickly Thin Models Look Healthy

Lets face it, when we look at magazine, we want to see pretty picture and a certain amount of photoshopping to fix imperfections is expected, but how far is too far?

A disturbing trend that I read about at Daily Mail that I had never heard of before is using Photoshop to make sickly thin models look healthy.  The above is an example and Jane Druker, the editor of Healthy magazine admitted to retouching a photo of a model that showed up looking like the 2nd photo and retouched to look like the first photo.

It also quotes that "Self" magazine has admitted: 'We retouch to make the models look bigger and healthier and that the creative director for Vogue, Robin Derrick, admitted: "I spent the first ten years of my career making girls look thinner -and the last ten making them look larger.". 

It also quotes Vogue's Shulman saying "a big part of the problem is that the designer's sample sizes - the catwalk prototypes of their designs - have got ever smaller" .

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