Monday, May 31, 2010


As it is getting to be parade season, keep in mind that little tikes like to get in the act too and maybe consider decorating their strollers into something creative and participating.  These are from a parade in Russian city in Volgograd spotted at English Russia, but the concepts could easily be adapted for use anywhere contestants.
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The "Little Mermaid" concept is cute, but it looks like the Little Mermaid escaped to dry land; at least I hope so and that there isn't a baby buried under all that pink hair in the stroller.  Have to give the fella props for trying to dress up like King Triton here, but what might have put it over the top is if the lady next to him dresses as Ursula the Sea witch.   Next year I vote they go for Monster's, Inc. as I can totally picture the lady a Roz..."I'm watching...always watching"!

Isn't this little cowpoke cute?   I so wished I had thought of something like this when my son was little.
Here is a very original "Big Ben" concept that I think looks great and worthy of any parade.

This would be another fun one, especially for a boy, although you could go Barbie car with the idea too. The only thing is you would need a van to transport it.   When I saw this it reminded me for Christmas one year my son ended up playing more with the boxes taped together with holes cut out for his legs to make a "truck" than he did the toys that the boxes came in.

This is just too cute for words.

Here is one of the most elaborate ones made to look like a chariot and super cool as the adults got into the act.

For more pictures see the full article at English Russia.

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