Sunday, February 28, 2010

Bunny Ears Accessories - Fashion Forward or Faux Paux?

I posted this article over at "Divine Caroline" but none of the hyperlinks came across and unfortunately, there is no way to post pictures except their stock ones.

I first saw this trend, created by Louis Vuitton and modeled on Madonna at the MET Costume Institute Gala, and thought, wow, who ever knew that "Frank The Rabbit" from "Donny Darko" would become a fashion item.  Then, on second thought, it was a Costume Institute Gala event and after all, it was the ultimate attention monger, Madonna, and chalked it up as a "art" piece.

Then trend then started popping up elsewhere, such as the lace version Maison Michel by up and coming queen of pop, Lady GaGa on the cover of NEO2 Sept. 2009 issue then on other celebs, such as the Olsen Twins and Lily Allen

They were touted as the new "must have" accessory in an article at The Guardian and The Insider stated they were the "Hottest Fall 2009 fashion do".   There is a tutorial to make a DIY that looks adorable over at Behind The Seams.     

However, I find while they look interesting as a costume piece on a celebrity, a photo shoot or maybe young girls for a party, they really aren't practical for an every day look and would have to agree with Fabsugar Australia when they declared it the "Craziest Trend of 2009".

I have worn those Glitter Shamrock Head Boppers on St. Patricks Day and not only is it a pain in the driving with them on as they scrape the ceiling, imagine how annoying it could be to the people behind you in a movie - you might be mistaken for Crow T. Robot from Mystery Science Theater 3000.   
Even worse,  if your Grandma grooves on the trend she could end up as posting like this lady at The People of Walmart to see click here.

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