Sunday, May 25, 2008


This is one our own creations. We entered a Craftser challenge at and the theme was "Light Me Up", which involved creating a project that used some sort of light source. My son collects Coke items and needed a desk lamp, so that is how we came up with the theme for the lamp.

Here are pics of the finished lamp:

This is what we started with:

I started by making a trip to the dollar store, Goodwill and Walmart. The total cost was around $10:

- Ugly Grandma lamp with fake plastic pleated shade - $3
- Heavy Coca Cola glass ($1)
- Bag of black stones ($1)
- Bag of star shaped clear stones ($1)
- Red acrylic paint ($1)
- 25 ft. replacement cord for the lamp. ($3)
- Coke T-Shirt (my son's too small t-shirt - free)

For details on how this was made in case you want to craft your own lamp, check out entry at

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