Friday, October 28, 2016

More Altered Dolls Roundup - 2016

Hello and welcome to Day 28 of Countdown to Halloween.

Although I have already posted about DIY Walking Dead Barbies, there is something about altered dolls that fascinate me.  Links are in photo sources.

Caged Baby holding Squirrel by Dark Creation - $395 + S&H

Photo:  Source

Car covered in dolls and dolls parts

Photo: Source

Zombie Spider Doll - Ebay - $32.99 + S&H
Photo:  Source: Ebay

Gothic Altered Doll - for sale on Etsy for $50

Photo: Source

Ghost Girl - Dark Creations (Sold previously)


Victorian Mummies - Dark Creations (sold previously)

Jewel Case Doll Head
Jewel-case head DOLLS


Creepy Porcelain Doll - for sale on Etsy $47

Photo:  Source

Which one did you like the best or least?  Feel free to comment in the comments section.

Thanks for stopping by and be sure to check out the other participants in this year's Countdown to Halloween in the link below.

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lady M said...

The dark creations dolls are pretty cool - I like the mummies especially.