Monday, March 21, 2016

Nail Trend - Furry Nails

Photo: marshbarsclose

 Cosmopolitan is reporting after Libertine 2016's runway show where the Style Director and Co-Founder of CDN nail polish, Jan Arnold used faux fur on the models it is the latest trend.  They applied a nail polish, a high gloss top coat then the faux fur. 

While original and editorial for something like a runway show or a photo shoot, or maybe a party or night out or for a costume party; unless you don't use or wash your hands on a regular basis, they are probably not very practical.

For the trend, some have a more werewolf like appearance:

Others are more Yeti/Abominable Snowman-like

BritneyTokoyo on Instagram

These are more wannabe werewolf that looks more like a scruffy dog.

Photo: 360nobs

These look like they came out before the trend, but same principal but with the Troll doll art added that are sort of cute.

Photo:  PiggieLuv

What are your thoughts?

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