Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Bodyguard Blankets

What a morbid time we live in that there might even be the need for a bullet resistant blanket for an adult, let alone a child, but there now one on the market called the Bodyguard blanket.   It can also be used in tornados against flying debris (although they also offer a Stormguard blanket for tornados only that is much less expensive but will not protect against bullets).

The material on the website indicates it is made with bullet resistant material the same as made for military or law enforcement   It is made of  Dyneema, a high-density plastic used for ballistic armor that is lighter than Kevlar, and an impact gel to stop the bullet and cause it to dissipate the energy over a wider area to lessen in the impact.

As seen in the video, it is slipped on over the arms like a backpack and the person wearing it to curl up into a ball on the floor for protection.   

A child size blanket (to fit up to 5 ft tall) currently sells for $1011.49 shipped.

Below is a video of the product being tested with different calibers of ammunition.  

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