Tuesday, January 19, 2016


Photo:  Ecocapsule

The tiny pod by  Ecocapsule, a company out of Slovenia reminds of of 60's version of a futuristic design, with its min-space ship looking outer design, and continues with the door and windows that open from the bottom.

Photo:  Ecocapsule

The same goes for the inside with the wood and white interior with the curves.  It is around 120 square feet.

It has a small sink and a burner, a bench couch with storage that turns into a double bed, a ledge for a desk and bathroom with a shower and composting toilet.  It also has all sorts of cubby holes for storage.

It is designed to be off-grid with 600 Watt Solar panel on the top, along with a wind turbine that can deliver up to 750 Watts day or night, and folds down for traveling.   It also has small pods on the top that capture rainwater with a built-in filter to make it potable.

The company Ecocapsule that makes these is taking orders for their first run of 50 capsules and cost 79,900EUR, which is around $87,300USD and it would be additional to ship, but prices are expected to go down slightly after the initial run

For more information visit Ecocapsule

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