Sunday, January 10, 2016

Dead People Stuff Antiques

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A quaint antique store in Bloomfield, Ontario tells it like it is as to what they are selling...Dead People's Stuff.

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From the photos, they have some cool vintage items too such as:

Back in the olden days before there was running water, I recall my Grandma telling me people would do their daily hygiene of washing up using a setup like this with a pitcher and a bowl, along with a washcloth of some sort.  

While this may look inconvenient, it is much better than going to the bathroom around WWII, which involved an outhouse and a page out of Sear Roebuck catalog to wipe with.

This looks to be "Depression" era glass that was common in the 1920's & 1930's made during the "Depression" era after the stock crash of 1929 which lead to rationing of everything from shoes to food.    

My ex-mother in law used to collect it and advised that the way to tell a real piece from a fake one, as there are many reproductions, besides getting to know the patterns, is there are raised seams on the side of the glass as it was pressed, scratched easily and sometimes by the tint in the glass

Below are some vintage kitchen tools, the one in the center being an 1895 apple peeler that reportedly still works.  Also, the theing on the left with a green handle is a manual mixer - my Mom used to have one.
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Here is a 1950's bedroom set now turned into a computer station,
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This one makes me feel like an antique too as I got a used typewriter for Christmas when I was 12 almost just like the pic below but I thought it was cool that I was the only kid in my 6th-grade class with a typewriter.  It was fun to play with the having to hit the keys hard just to get it strike the paper that made it (at least what I thought at the time) look like it was oh so professional way to write a letter, just like a business would have.   

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