Sunday, December 27, 2015

"Sound Of Silence" by Disturbed

This is unique for several reasons.  One being it is a departure for the lead singer of "Disturbed" not to be yelling during most of the song - they are probably best for "Down with the Sickness" that was at the end of the 2004 movie "Dawn of Dead".   This video displays that he actually has a good singing voice.

Another is that they are performing a song that is over 50 years old that was written by folk-pop dueo Simon and Garfunkel.   It was the #1 on the Billboard charts in December, 1965 and has the prestige of being put on  the National Recording Registry in the Library of Congress in 2013 for being "culturally, historically, or aesthetically important".   The song is a timeless classic that is a relavant today as the day it was penned.

The video, directed by award winning photoessayist and director Matt Mahurin. is also very aesthetically hautiningly beautiful and slightly scary and disturbing all at the same time

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