Friday, December 11, 2015


Might want to hang wolfbane instead of mistletoe this Christmas when setting out Christmas cookies for Santa.   For the first time in 38 years, as the last was in 1977, there will be a full Moon on Christmas that begins Christmas Eve.   

Weather Channel  advises that

" Fullest nighttime moon might be best viewed on Christmas Eve throughout the U.S. The U.K. will see the moon at its peak on Christmas evening."
While it is well-known folklore that legend brings out werewolves, there are legends that correlate with Christmas and Werewolves.  

One article on Werewolves it is reported that someone is more prone to being a werewolf if born on Christmas day and the myth's origin might be explained by a 1971 movie called "Curse fo the Werewolf" where nurses delivering a child in the movie infer it is the work of the Devil to insult Christ.

While this sounds dark and dismal, instead of inspiring more horror related stories and movies, it seems to have been a boom for the romance novel industry.   

A few examples are:

Kobo Books has a book title "A Siberian Werewolf Christmas" by Caryn Moya Block touted at "A Siberian Volkov Romance"

Changeling Press has another book called "Werewolf Christmas" by Kyla Logan appears to be another romance novel and a 2006 Ecataromance Viewers Choice Nominee has  "All I Want For Christmas is a Werewolf", as book in the Changeling Encounter series and is novella by JS Scott

This one appears to be more of the adult erotic variety than romance and from the website:
"In a moment of pure desperation, Faith asks Santa for a Christmas miracle...and finds out that old St Nick sometimes grants Holiday wishes in best and most mysterious of ways." 

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