Wednesday, December 23, 2015


The above is an interesting light display coordinated to the Disney tune"Let It Go" from the movie "Frozen".

Something about the tune and the lights though reminds me of being in a mid-80's disco where I would sit with my friends and we would debate if it was a "fast" song or a "slow" song.  "Fast" songs were generally where the female would get up and dance with female friends and slow songs were ones danced close with a male partner which was more of sideways rocking chair movement than what could be called an actual dance.

Although upbeat, unless you are twirling around like a princess or venturing on doing a modern dance interpretation, it is not really a song you can getting you boogie.  While sort of ballad-like, it is too fast and for the sideways rocking chair movement without it looking like a dual epileptic fit, especially if there was a strobe light, so instead usually opted to sit back and watch the pretty flashing lights waiting for the next song.

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